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Sparfell looks to bridge European and US markets
With a US team now on site in the United States, Sparfell offers a wide range of opportunities to clients. Brandt Boyle has been named as VP of aircraft trading for the group and his son J.P. Boyle will work alongside him.
Brandt Boyle.

Switzerland's Sparfell Aviation Group is expanding to the United States by opening a new branch in Washington DC, led by Brandt Boyle as the VP of aircraft trading for the group and his son J.P. Boyle as an aircraft sales executive. Sparfell is creating a bridge between the United States market and the European market to offer to its clients the best of both worlds.

Chairman Philip Queffelec says: “When the decision was made to create a new Sparfell branch in the United States of America, I naturally called upon my trusted friend Mike Boyle, with whom I have a business relationship of more than 30 years, as well as his son Brandt and his grandson J.P. We, my son and myself, are very proud and honoured to work with the three generations of the Boyle family that perfectly reflect our own family history, our passion for aviation and our spirit of loyalty towards our clients. We are delighted to embark on this new American challenge together.”

With strong principles of loyalty and family spirit, both families represent three generations of aviators. The parallels between the Queffelecs and the Boyles are undeniable, laying the foundation of a successful collaboration.

“We are excited to join with the Queffelec family to bring the Sparfell brand to the United States, and are honoured to be a part of its premier aviation legacy,” adds Brandt Boyle. “Sparfell USA is committed to providing Sparfell's global clientele with personal and trustworthy representation here in the world's largest aircraft market. The transactional brokerage services we will oversee in the US will be a great benefit to customers who are already part of the Sparfell family in our aircraft management and charter business in Europe. And for our US clients, the added reach into the European market via the local expertise of our office in Geneva will be of great value. We also look forward to introducing our US customers to the first-in-class aircraft management and charter service offered by Sparfell.”

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