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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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MySky and SD pool spending management skills
Through the SD Pro platform, aircraft operators will have direct access to financial and operational information from MySky and SD. The data can increase longevity of ownership and improve the ownership experience.
The dashboard is awash with insightful data.

AI-powered spend management platform MySky and Satcom Direct (SD) have announced a strategic alliance enabling seamless access to real-time data for private aviation. Subscribers to MySky and SD will benefit from an all-encompassing approach to aircraft management that combines operational and financial information into a single source of data, the SD Pro platform.

Designed to bring transparency to the industry for the first time, MySky offers access to financial data and proprietary IT tools that help owners and operators reduce costs, refine spending and improve the overall aircraft ownership experience. Digital dashboard SD Pro provides relevant and timely information about pre- to post-flight aircraft performance to aircraft operators around the world. It is designed to add value to the user experience through the integration of third-party suppliers. As a result of the integration with MySky, SD will add a financial component to its SD Pro platform.

The agreement between MySky and SD will allow for an all-round approach to business aviation management, promoting a fiduciary duty amongst industry stakeholders. Through the SD Pro platform, aircraft operators will have direct access to financial and operational information from both MySky and SD. The integrated data can increase longevity of ownership and improve the overall ownership experience. The aggregated information enables better informed, proactive decisions in real-time, heightening control and efficiency. Rote tasks can be automated to increase productivity and reallocate valuable human resources.

“Our goal is to bring increased transparency and accountability to the private aviation industry by ensuring stakeholders have the necessary tools to better understand and manage the costs of their assets,” says Kirill Kim, co-founder and CEO of MySky. “By combining our industry-leading financial data with SD's detailed operational information, I'm confident that this alliance will help stakeholders better navigate the long-time obstacles associated with private aviation management.”

“We are dedicated to delivering advanced technological capabilities to our customers,” adds SD's president of business aviation Chris Moore. “With the integration of MySky into the SD Pro platform, we are adding a significant resource to the operational mix by providing a business management tool that complements our operations-focused products. We are excited to work closely with the MySky team to foster industry growth and long-term sustainability for our clients.”

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