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Hats off to Hatzolah for Urban EMS collaboration
Hatzolah Air is the aviation division of Hatzolah, an EMS organisation founded more than 50 years ago with divisions in dozens of cities across multiple continents. It is backing Urban Aeronautics' CityHawk for EMS.

US-based Hatzolah Air has signed a memorandum of understanding with Urban Aeronautics so that Urban Aeronautics can develop, produce and market its CityHawk aircraft for EMS applications.

The CityHawk is a VTOL with a compact footprint and no external wings or rotors, resulting in an aircraft with unparalleled ‘fly anywhere, land anywhere’ access under almost any weather conditions. It features Urban Aeronautics' internal rotor Fancraft technology, which utilises powerful ducted fans in combination with innovative aerodynamic technologies that result in superior control, stability, speed, safety, noise reduction and sustainability. Cormorant, an unmanned prototype for military use, has proven the company's groundbreaking concept with over 300 successful autonomous flight tests.

“Based on our initial estimates, we foresee a potential market of at least 800 CityHawks for Hatzolah and other EMS operators, with the possibility to save thousands of lives every year,” said Eli Rowe, president of Hatzolah Air.

“We are excited to partner with Hatzolah Air on the development of our CityHawk EMS vehicle,” adds Rafi Yoeli, CEO of Urban Aeronautics. “Its compact size will enable it to land in the middle of a busy city street, making it a perfect fit for medical evacuation missions by dramatically decreasing the time it takes to arrive on-scene, treat and transport sick or injured patients to appropriate medical facilities.”

Hatzolah Air is the aviation division of Hatzolah, an EMS organisation founded more than 50 years ago with divisions in dozens of cities across multiple continents, which collectively make it the largest volunteer EMS organisation in the world. It is widely recognised as providing the most advanced technology and highest quality of care available in the industry. Hatzolah Air currently operates fixed-wing aircraft for Hatzolah's urgent and emergent missions.

Urban Aeronautics' engineers will work closely with Hatzolah's experts to tailor the CityHawk flying vehicle to their operational requirements. It will accommodate a pilot, a patient plus companion, two EMT personnel and a complete package of life support equipment.

With the involvement of Besadno Group, an Israeli-American investment firm that is one of the largest investors in Urban Aeronautics, the MoU initiates Hatzolah Air's collaboration with Urban Aeronautics. Hatzolah Air will also be taking a leadership role in the marketing of CityHawk to other EMS and rescue organisations worldwide under a distribution agreement with Urban Aeronautics.

The CityHawk is planned to complete its development and FAA certification for emergency use and be ready for production within three to five years.

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