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Twin Commander with Honeywell to benefit from MT props
Installing MTV-27 series propellers on Twin Commander 690/695 series aircraft is expected to reduce the aircraft's take-off distance, reduce wear and tear, reduce the risk of a hot start and diminish noise.
The five-bladed MTV-27 MT-Propeller series has one of the longest TBOs in the industry, at 4,500hrs.

MT-Propeller has received validation of its EASA STC from Mexico's Agencia Federal de Aviación Civil for the installation of the Quiet Fan Jet five-blade scimitar composite propeller MTV-27 on the Twin Commander 690/695 series with Honeywell TPE-331 series engines installed.

President Gerd Muehlbauer says that the installation brings several advantages: reduced take-off distance by approximately 10 per cent; enhanced cruise performance by three to four kts; cooler ITTs during engine start up, therefore less engine wear and reduced risk of hot start; lighter than the original propellers by eight kg per propeller assembly; cabin noise reduction between three to five dB(A); ramp appeal; and compliance with the German 2010 Landeplatz Lärmschutz Verordnung noise regulations for unrestricted airport operations in Germany and other European countries.

The MT-Propeller natural composite blades provide significant inside and outside noise reduction. They have no life limitation and are repairable in case of an FOD. The five-bladed MTV-27 MT-Propeller series has one of the longest TBOs in the industry, at 4,500hrs.

They also provide vibration damping for almost vibration free propeller operation and have bonded on nickel alloy leading edges for superior erosion protection of the blades.

150 million fleet hours have been performed on MT-Propellers since the first MT-Propeller was shipped 38 years ago.

Other News
MT-Propeller is good to change out Meridian engine
April 19, 2024
Replacing the powerplant of a Piper Meridian with a PT6A-135A engine gives greater efficiency plus a reduction in maintenance costs and noise. MT-Propeller now holds an EASA STC for the installation.
PC-12 Silent 7 propeller makes good on take off performance
March 11, 2024
The Silent 7 propeller is EASA and FAA certified for improved take off performance of Pilatus PC-12, PC-12/45, PC-12/47 and PC-12/47E aircraft.