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Honeywell forges ahead with platform updates
The most recent updates to Honeywell Forge for business aviation includes new integration with scheduling software, a new cabin connectivity dashboard and data reporting integration with Honeywell's MSP.
Honeywell Forge is said to be a seamless, simple experience.

Honeywell has released an update to its Forge platform for business aviation flight departments that includes multiple integrations and new features. The updates include a new integration with Professional Flight Management's scheduling software and a new cabin connectivity analytics dashboard. Additionally, the beta version of a propulsion data reporting system will now integrate aircraft health data with Honeywell's Maintenance and Service Plan (MSP) monthly reporting.

“Since Honeywell Forge launched to support business aviation in March, we have been focused on continuously innovating the platform and expanding the integration with key partners so our customers can get a clear picture of how their aircraft is using data, and how they can better manage their costs,” says John Peterson, VP and GM of software and services. “We are continuing to invest in best-in-class features and functionalities as we expand our platform into a solution that addresses all our customers' needs with a seamless, simple experience.”

This most recent updates to Honeywell Forge for business aviation are all available now and include new integration with scheduling software, to integrate with Professional Flight Management's suite of applications for scheduling, record keeping and reporting for corporate, private and government flight departments; a new cabin connectivity dashboard, which provides analytics that monitor how much data is being used, tracks outages and helps customers more closely monitor their costs; and data reporting integration with Honeywell's MSP, which brings together health data from the aircraft and automatically compiles it for each monthly report.

Honeywell is also launching expanded access to the digital Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS), which is a continuous broadcast of recorded relevant information accessible to pilots near airports or other high-traffic areas. Previously, some pilots could not access digital ATIS due to incompatible datalink avionics in their aircraft, but now with Honeywell Forge, they will be able to access this vital airport information worldwide.

Before this new service, pilots have had to tune to a low-power radio broadcast and listen to a voice recording, which presents challenges like congested radio frequency, limited range and higher crew workload when approaching an airport. Now, with datalink, this information can be read from the cockpit and requested at the convenience of the crew. This digital ATIS upgrade does not require any upgrade to the aircraft or additional training for the crew.

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