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Maintenance manual ticks the boxes for flight departments
AviationManuals' new Part 91 manual covers roles and responsibilities, personnel, inspections, MEL management, flight checks, airworthiness, tool calibration, inventory and training and safety programmes.
Part 91 operations stand to gain from the GMM.

AviationManuals has launched a customised General Maintenance Manual developed specifically for Part 91 flight operations.

The company's General Maintenance Manual (GMM) is delivered with ARCdocs software and iPad app, and addresses procedures for maintenance leadership and shop floor personnel. Several flight departments have already incorporated the new offering into their operations.

β€œA GMM is another valuable resource business aviation flight departments should consider having to help reinforce procedures, best practices and to assure an adherence to consistent standards,” says CEO Mark Baier. β€œIt helps flight departments from everything to staying on top of changing and complex operations, to helping with employee onboarding.”

The GMM covers roles and responsibilities, personnel policies, inspection programmes, MEL management, functional flight checks, airworthiness directives, tool calibration, inventory control and training and safety programmes.

AviationManuals' General Maintenance Manual for Part 91 operators is customisable for a wide-range of flight department sizes and can incorporate requirements tailored to individual operators. A manual helps develop consistency among varying experience levels of maintenance professionals and provides procedures to help contract workers assimilate in an organisation. Topics covered include inspection, maintenance and work turnover procedures; MEL management and deferral procedures; safety programmes; aircraft marshalling and towing; procedures to use an outside MRO or repair centre; personnel policies for maintenance personnel; duty time limits and integration into existing safety management systems.

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