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CHC engines to receive the ITP treatment
A five-year contract between ITP Aero and CHC Helicopter Corporation states that UTP will monitor the engines of CHC's AW189s and S-92s. The service includes a low turnaround time and extensive health monitoring.
CHC's oil and gas fleet must be meticulously maintained.

CHC Helicopter Corporation has signed a contract with ITP Aero in which ITP will provide comprehensive support for CHC's fleet of CT7-8A and CT7-2E1 engines that are installed in the operator's Sikorsky S-92 and Leonardo AW189 helicopters. The contract spans five years and work will be carried out at ITP Aero's Albacete and Ajalvir facilities in Spain.

The deal includes engine health monitoring (EHM), a technology based on big data analysis that offers important results in predictive engine maintenance. EHM enables monitoring of an engine's life based on data extraction and analysis, predicting incidents and anticipating the scheduling of precise maintenance. This will allow ITP Aero to analyse the most appropriate moment to carry out necessary minor maintenance, which in turn will prevent issues of a larger scale that would create a higher outlay, thus optimising maintenance costs.

In addition to EHM, the contract also includes engine repair, fleet engineering activities and mobile repair equipment at CHC Helicopter's operating bases around the world. It is also of note that the contract includes the repair of engines with a turnaround time (TAT), the time between the arrival and entry into service of a faulty engine, of less than 30 days. This is aimed at increasing the availability of the fleet in situations of high demand and reduced spares pool.

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