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General Electric CT7 Series

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Variants:   CT7-2A, CT7-2E1, CT7-2F1, CT7-5A2, CT7-6, CT7-6A, CT7-7A, CT7-8, CT7-8A, CT7-8A5, CT7-8B, CT7-8B5, CT7-8E, CT7-8E5, CT7-8F, CT7-8F5, CT7-9B, CT7-9C, CT7-9C3, T700

Aircraft applications
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Engine maintenance centres
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News from Business Air News
PHI puts pen to paper with Leonardo for PBH scheme
March 17, 2023
The special component plan PBH between PHI and Leonardo generates relevant benefits for the operator, based upon a data-driven approach, including configuration control, fleet forecasting and asset optimisation.
GE tests civil and military diagnostics system
March 17, 2023
Sikorsky develops greater than 500nm eVTOL prototype
March 15, 2023
UAG augments parts provision and blade services
March 21, 2022
UAG has committed to supplying parts for GE's CT7 and T700 engines through to 2026. It has also added ACS' blade repair capabilities to its existing parts and engine distribution business.
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