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Sparfell brings in Wipfler as LaudaMotion MD
Bernhard Wipfler was the chief marketing and sales officer for LaudaMotion for seven years. He has now been invited to become MD of that same company, having been inspired by the work of CEO Edward Queffelec.
Bernhard Wipfler has already spent time at LaudaMotion, between 2006 and 2013.
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Bernhard Wipfler has joined Sparfell Aviation Group as the MD of LaudaMotion Executive, Sparfell's Austrian AOC. Through its AOC, Sparfell operates a fleet of Learjets, Challengers, Globals and Gulfstream 650ERs.

With 15 years of experience in the business aviation industry, Wipfler is considered to be a great new addition to the Sparfell team. Between 2006 and 2013, he contributed to the aviation group working as LaudaMotion Executive's chief marketing and sales officer.

“We are enchanted to welcome back Bernhard to the family. His fresh, ethical and dynamic vision will perfectly fit into the Sparfell and Lauda spirit, and he will be a strong asset for the group's development,” says Sparfell's CEO Edward Queffelec.

Wipfler adds: “I am very proud to join Sparfell, and I am thrilled to work with the LaudaMotion Executive team again. I was impressed by the history of the Queffelec family in aviation, and I share its commitment to excellence. The Sparfell brand and the associated values, the operational know-how of LaudaMotion Executive and especially the dedication to service of the entire team is a unique combination for our clients. I look forward to actively contributing to the group's overall success.”

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