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Guinea-based ERJ145 added to Vertis' VCMP scheme
The addition of the ERJ145 supplements the existing Vertis portfolio of marketed aircraft which includes a Global 5000, a Global 6000, a Challenger 350 and a Falcon 900EX.
The ERJ145 can seat up to 50 passengers or holds up to four tonnes of cargo.

Switzerland-headquartered charter sales organisation Vertis Aviation has added an Embraer ERJ145 to its Vertis Charter Management Programme, VCMP. The aircraft is available immediately for on demand passenger or cargo charters. The first of its kind in the Vertis portfolio, it supports the company's goal of deploying the ‘right aircraft for the right mission in the right location’ to meet changing market trends.

Based in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, the privately-owned ERJ145 has a range of close to four hours and is strategically positioned to serve increasing demand from customers requiring group passenger transportation or cargo lift within western and sub-Saharan African regions. The cabin seats up to 50 passengers or holds up to four tonnes of cargo, making the aircraft ideal for corporations moving visiting executives around the region, local industry requiring reliable and regular worker transportation, private tourism or efficient cargo transportation. Vertis anticipates the continued growth of mining, agriculture, communications, tourism, construction and other industries will drive demand for movements between destinations not well-served by commercial aviation.

“The African commercial network is renowned for its inability to connect major economic hubs easily and conveniently. This has driven the rise of business aviation on the continent, and as economies continue to expand the need for access to aircraft that can move goods and people from point to point, rather than via convoluted routes, is imperative. The chaos being caused to the commercial airline industry by the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the limited nature of these services. We are filling a gap by providing access to an aircraft with the capabilities and reliability of the ERJ145,” said Catherine Buchanan, chief operating officer for Vertis.

As African economies continue to strengthen Buchanan says the aircraft adds real value to the business and for Vertis customers. “It is the first time we have promoted a multi-mission aircraft but with our knowledge of the African aviation market, and our recent experience with cargo and repatriation flights following the new coronavirus outbreak, this a natural evolution for the business. We're excited about the opportunity it presents.” The largest member of the Embraer regional jet family, the ERJ145 was developed specifically for regional operations so is well suited to the changing patterns of charter needs in Africa.

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