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AviationManuals offers list of enhancements for operators
With the ongoing pandemic, FBOs are examining policies and procedures surrounding health and sanitation. AviationManuals is making recommendations and providing a whitepaper on how to get the process started.
Baier says that now is the time to perform SMS risk assessments.

AviationManuals, a provider of digital operations manuals, is providing guidance for properly updating FBO operations manuals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By now FBO operators should be conscious that everyone's perceptions and attitudes with regard to risk have changed dramatically," says CEO Mark Baier. “While it is always important to operate to the highest standards, making customers and employees comfortable in times like these has become paramount due to COVID-19, so we wanted to offer some enhancements people can put in place."

With the ongoing pandemic, FBOs have hopefully begun examining the policies and procedures they have in place surrounding health and sanitation. AviationManuals, in order to help, is making some recommendations and providing a whitepaper on how to get the process started:

- Assess policies and procedures in place.

- Research industry guidance from reputable sources, like the CDC, WHO and NATA.

- Consult with local airport staff.

- Focus on personal hygiene.

- Practice evolving standards for social distancing.

- Increase the sanitation schedule.

- Have workers wear gloves and masks.

- Let those who can, work from home.

- Check first aid kits for sufficiency.

- Include your team in updates and welcome suggestions for compliance.

“In addition, take the opportunity to use your FBO's safety management system to perform risk assessments," Baier adds. “Also, update your FBOs emergency response plan with a particular focus on medical emergencies. With activity down, it's a great time for dry runs of your ERPs."

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