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Heron sides with StardustJets to roll out in India
Operating under the branch Heron Aviation India, the firm is excited to offer expanded service to all its clients, both home and abroad, thanks to a new business partner located in Mumbai.
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German operator Heron Aviation is expanding its area of operation to include all of India. After several months of negotiations, the firm has finalised arrangements with key officials in the Indian business and hospitality sectors. The conclusion of these discussions has led to a formal strategic partnership with Stratton Ventures Pvt Ltd.

Under the leadership of Bhimal Granth Rai, Stratton Ventures doing business as StardustJets will execute a formal partnership with Heron Aviation providing all necessary arrangements for operative excellence while maintaining important links to key decision-makers in the Indian business world.

Operating under the branch Heron Aviation India, the firm will offer this expanded service to all its clients, both home and abroad.

“We are a very market-driven enterprise. We follow the customers," says Martin Helbling, accountable manager at Heron Aviation. “We are very fortunate to be able to respond to the market as well as we do. We're a boutique firm; we can respond to the market quickly. We simply ask 'where are the customers?' and we go to them. India is a robust but underserved market, so it is quite a natural fit for us to try and bridge that gap, and we have a wonderful partner with StardustJets which will help us develop this vision."

Stratton Ventures is headquartered in Mumbai and says it has a 360 degree approach to customer centric investments in private aviation and related industries, ranging from medically equipped private jets to luxury on-demand aircraft for tailor-made air travel focused on comfort and customer service.

“We couldn't be happier,” comments StardustJets co-founder Vaishali Verma. “Fully transparent in our approach, we aim to offer unparalleled access to the world of private aviation, offering an enhanced flight experience in full freedom and tailored luxury. Heron Aviation, with its unmatched efficiency and exacting standards, provides the perfect fit to achieve our vision.”

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