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IS&S receives Canadian STC for PC-12
The IS&S ThrustSense is a full regime autothrottle from take-off roll to landing. It incorporates engine and speed exceedance protection and prevents the aircraft from travelling dangerously slow or fast.

Innovative Solutions & Support has been awarded Transport Canada Civil Aviation STC for ThrustSense autothrottle on the legacy and NG variants of the Pilatus PC-12. The ThrustSense autothrottle was the first turboprop full regime autothrottle to be certified by the FAA in 2017.

Following recent US installations, the first Canadian installation on a legacy PC-12 with the G600 flight deck has just been completed. The ThrustSense has already been TCCA certified and operating in Canada as part of the PC-12 IS&S integrated nextgen cockpit. Installations can be completed by any PC-12 service centre.

The IS&S ThrustSense autothrottle is a full regime autothrottle from take-off roll to landing phases of flight including go-around. ThrustSense incorporates engine and speed exceedance protection and during high pilot workload prevents the airplane from getting dangerously slow or fast. It also protects against over-torque and over-temp, enhancing the safety and capability of the PC-12's legacy and NG variants. Command of the revolutionary autothrottle is housed in an easy to install flight instrument standby that provides standby functionality and requires no structural modifications to the existing throttle quadrant.

The ThrustSense autothrottle is available as a standalone installation on the PC-12's legacy and NG variants or integrated with the IS&S Nextgen flight deck for retrofit on the legacy PC-12. The ThrustSense autothrottle is also certified on the King Air platform and features certified VMCa protection against loss of control.

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