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MedAire issues advice regarding Coronavirus
As of 11 February, MedAire advises that operations to mainland China during the Coronavirus outbreak should be deferred; however essential short turnaround operations may be considered, with stringent planning.
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MedAire has issued medical and security advice and assistance to business aviation operators amid the Novel Coronavirus outbreak.

As of 11 February, 2020, operators with interests in China should continue to defer non-essential operations to mainland China, the company says. All operations to Hubei province and Wenzhou should be deferred. While essential short-turnaround to Chinese airports outside of Hubei and Wenzhou may take place with discretion and stringent planning, operators should monitor for changes in travel restrictions imposed by the Chinese or other national governments and be prepared for potential short notice movement constraints if further restrictions are introduced. If travelling to mainland China, operators should follow all official directives, and be prepared to stand fast for an indefinite period of time should further restrictions be implemented.

“Our greatest concern for operators to China is the possibility of a rapid or unexpected escalation of travel restrictions with little to no notice, which would, in effect, leave operators and their assets stranded in country,” says security director John Cauthen.

Such measures would likely take place at political discretion and therefore would be extremely difficult to predict. Besides the possibility of the Chinese government restricting flights out of the country, any other national government could make the decision to impose additional restrictions of their own. For operators leaving China, many airports worldwide have enhanced screening measures for inbound passengers. While these are brief medical screens with limited impact on operations in most cases, other nations have begun to enact more stringent requirements for aircraft and personnel arriving from China.

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