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SkyTrac coverage expands to mobile apps
SkyTrac intelligent connectivity has reached more than 200 countries through its maturing partnership with GigSky, and it is working to develop mobile aviation apps that can be brought into the cockpit.

SkyTrac is to expand its partnership with GigSky to offer global cellular data coverage in over 200 countries. Originally ratified in September 2019, the partnership enables global 4G/LTE cellular network access for use with SkyTrac's Dynamic Air Link 200 (DAL-200) wireless communications and data download solution.

Helicopter operators now have the ability to access the GigSky Enterprise Manager (GEM) application. The cellular data service can be used on tablet devices to support electronic flight bag connectivity capabilities. It also connects cabin crews and ground personnel, while simplifying accounting processes by providing just one invoice for easy data management and provision.

“This is a significant development,” says SkyTrac director of GADSS and airline business development Ruben Stepin. “Instead of operators utilising and expensing personal or local SIM cards, an organisation can now manage all its SIMs from one location, using one supplier and one giant pool of data for seamless global data connectivity.”

SkyTrac is also working to bring Switzerland-based app developer Lakehorn's AeroWeather app into the cockpit. The two parties share the mutual goal of enabling inflight functionality of applications through cellular and satellite connectivity. SkyTrac is currently developing next generation Certus terminals with Iridium that will increase bandwidth capabilities 35-fold, and will explore ways to address the gap in inflight connectivity when cellular transmissions are unavailable for a wide range of web-based applications within the rotorcraft and general aviation segments.

“SkyTrac is excited to collaborate with Lakehorn to support its market penetration and inflight connectivity goals. We want to ensure we're at the cutting edge of what's possible by working with agile companies intent on moving our industry forward. This project will help us leverage each other's expertise and will open the door to more exciting opportunities in the future,” says president Malachi Nordine.

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