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Asset Insight makes judgement on 2019
Asset Insight's year end market report finds demand for business aircraft is down, but that good asset quality and lower prices can boost buyer interest. Aircraft with more maintenance looming take much longer to sell.

Market indicators varied dramatically across the market segments at the close of 2019, except for the realisation of a 28 per cent decrease in demand across the for-sale fleet, according to Las Vegas-headquartered Asset Insight's AI2 Market Report. Year over year ask prices decreased for all market segments except medium jets, which showed an 11 per cent increase. However, it believes the quality of the for-sale fleet remains very good and that the gap in buyers' and sellers' expectations for pricing appears to be closing (on average), all boding well for the pre-owned business aircraft market in 2020. Indicators vary from segment to segment, however, and the Year End 2019 AI2 Market Report details the specifics for each market segment, as well as some model specific analytics.

The report analyses values for every production year of every modern make and model business class aircraft, while the maintenance analytics cover 96 fixed-wing models and 1,748 aircraft listed for sale.

While average selling prices decreased across most market segments at the close of 2019, the 90 day value eTrend forecast indicates that the decrease will slow in the next quarter. The turboprop market is the one exception, where the price decline is expected to accelerate slightly in the first quarter of 2020.

“The only rule that applied to all segments of the market equally in 2019 was that buyers and sellers alike really need to have quality, unbiased information when setting a selling price or making a buy offer,” explains president Tony Kioussis. “Each segment over the last 12 months varied drastically in its strengths and weaknesses. Buyers and sellers must have a good understanding of the comparable aircraft in their market and an in-depth comprehension of an aircraft they are considering for purchase or for one they are selling.”

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