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Global Reach switches to local AOC
Global Reach Aviation was established in 2015 by Camilla Engelbredt and Jacob Rasmussen, both former captains at Cimber Air. It has been using the AOC of Germany's ProAir, but will switch to Copenhagen AirTaxi.
Jacob Rasmussen, CEO, owner and captain, Global Reach Aviation; Camilla Engelbredt, COO, owner and captain, Global Reach Aviation; and Jimmy Arly Larsen, director of flight operations, Copenhagen AirTaxi.

Billund, Denmark-based company Global Reach Aviation now flies on a more local AOC with the oldest 100 per cent Danish-owned general aviation company Copenhagen AirTaxi. Global Reach previously used the AOC of Germany's ProAir.

”It is the beginning of a strong cooperation where the synergies between our companies are many,” explains Jacob Rasmussen, owner and CEO of Global Reach Aviation. “For the past two years we have been on a German AOC. However, we have been on the lookout for a partner where we have common business interests, such as taking responsibility for training new pilots in a sustainable way. At the same time, we will be able to control our own aircraft, which is extremely important to us. For instance we will appoint key employees to key positions, which wasn't an option previously. It is paramount that the AOC operator knows the aircraft type and can ensure effective and structured project management of the planes.”

Global Reach Aviation was established in 2015 by Camilla Engelbredt, COO and Jacob Rasmussen, CEO, both former captains in Danish operator Cimber Air. The vision was to bring ‘back the aviation experience to what it once was’.

”When you board our planes, we want you to be able to lean back and relax. We provide you with top-notch service including great catering and a selection of new magazines for you to read. It has to be a special experience to fly with us. Often a trip with an airplane can turn out stressful and exhausting. We want to give you the exact opposite,” says Engelbredt.

Global Reach Aviation is specialised in ad hoc charter and its customers are sports teams, music groups, companies and other large groups. It takes its guests to a wide variety of destinations in primarily Europe. The company's CRJ-200 plane has a reach of approximately 3,000 km, which means it has been as far as the Middle East and Africa where one fuel-stop can extend the reach substantially. Ghana and Svalbard are locations on its list.

Copenhagen AirTaxi A/S was established back in 1961 when a new law dictated that a company had to have an airplane in order to have a photo concession. Today, the third generation is at the forefront in the company that controls more than 20 aircraft. Denmark's oldest and largest general aviation company offers besides pilot education a range of services such plane rental, scenic photo trips, ad hoc charter, plane service and maintenance and aircraft management. Most of the year it operates fixed routes to among others Anholt and Læsø.

“I see our two companies a lot alike. We have solid fundamental values about how we want to conduct business and how we create a good atmosphere in the company and among employees and students. At Copenhagen AirTaxi A/S we have many years' experience as an operator as well as with training new pilots whereas Global Reach Aviation operates another large plane type and has an international dimension to its business,” explains Jimmy Arly Larsen.