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The monthly news publication for aviation professionals.

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Landmark installation for QTA on Learjet 60
Operators of a hundred Learjet 60s have now chosen QTA's carbon graphite composite replacement inlet barrel. Thus they avoid the battle with recurring corrosion on PW305 engine inlet cowls.
QTA has installed its 100th Learjet 60 corrosion free inlet.

Since receiving FAA STC approval in October 2015, Florida-based Quiet Technology Aerospace (QTA) has installed one hundred Learjet 60 corrosion-proof carbon graphite engine inlet barrels, the latest in December 2019. QTA's carbon graphite technology supports operators battling the expensive, time consuming and hazardous problem of recurring inlet barrel corrosion on the Learjet PW305 engine inlet cowls.

President Barry Fine comments on the now proven technology keeping these aircraft flying safely while improving airframe values: “We started our inlet programme with the Learjet 60. Today we have achieved seven additional such STCs on a variety of popular business aircraft that guarantee the recurring problem of inlet barrel corrosion is terminated. One hundred barrels installed for the Learjet 60 fleet is a terrific milestone. And we have plenty more to go.”

Vice president engineering and customer support Martin Gardner adds: “Aluminum honeycomb engine inlet barrel corrosion and degradation isn't unique to the Learjet 60, but QTA used the 60 as our first airframe in engineering a carbon graphite inner barrel solution, and it has been a great success. QTA terminates the operators' issue and provides a lifetime, transferable warranty for corrosion. Customers understand and appreciate the value in our solution.”

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