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Plush Longitude joins NetJets roster
The Longitude incorporates latest technologies such as integrated autopilot and autothrottle with emergency descent mode. NetJets CEO Adam Johnson has declared the type an all-round ‘enjoyable’ aircraft.
NetJets has ordered up to 17 Longitudes.

NetJets has accepted its first delivery of the new Cessna Citation Longitude super midsize jet. The operator anticipates that its Longitude will enter service for NetJets owners in early 2020.

“No matter the reason for being on board, from take-off to landing the innovations of the Citation Longitude make it the most enjoyable flight imaginable,” says NetJets chairman and CEO Adam Johnson.

The Longitude incorporates latest technologies such as integrated autopilot and autothrottle systems with emergency descent mode. The aircraft is equally designed around the pilot experience, passenger comfort and overall performance. It gained FAA certification in September 2019 and Textron Aviation began customer deliveries soon after.

“We are pleased to have the new Citation Longitude enter the NetJets fleet and continue to strengthen a relationship that goes back decades,” says Textron president and CEO Ron Draper. “The Longitude, with class-leading performance, efficiency and an unrivalled cabin experience, is already redefining its category and will join the Citation Latitude as a fleet favourite for NetJets owners.”

NetJets has operated a fleet of nearly 500 Cessna Citations since 1984. In addition to the Citation Longitude aircraft order, it has taken delivery of more than 100 Cessna Citation Latitude aircraft. Owner demand has ranked the Latitude as the best-selling aircraft in its portfolio, further establishing the aircraft as Textron's best-selling midsize jet.

With a range of 3,500 nm and full fuel payload of 1,600 pounds, the Longitude has been designed to deliver cabin sound levels nearly twice as quiet as the nearest competitor, a low cabin altitude of 5,950 ft, more standard features and an elegant, comfortable, bespoke interior. NetJets' Longitude features a standard double-club configuration of eight fully berthable seats. A stand-up, six foot flat-floor cabin and an available streamlined divan enable easy transit along the cabin passageway while a walk-in baggage compartment is accessible throughout the flight.

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