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Duncan's renowned turbine facility turns 20
The Duncan Aviation engine parts inventory expanded at such a rate that in 2014, it required a move into its own 10,000 sq ft space. The team is celebrating two decades of its dedicated engine maintenance facility.
Some of the faces have changed over the years, but Duncan's commitment to top service remains the same.

Duncan Aviation has completed 20 years in its turbine engine maintenance facility.

In 1999, Duncan expanded its turbine engine service business into a newly remodelled 20,000 sq ft facility to accommodate its rapidly growing Honeywell TFE731 business. In the two decades since, the company's engine team has continued to add new capabilities, tools and authorisations.

Demand for Duncan Aviation engine service work had increased to the point that shop space was a limiting factor. The decision to move to the new facility was an easy one allowing for continued expansion, improved efficiency and more servicing flexibility. It brought all of the engine service and back shop capabilities into one place, including a consolidated engine parts inventory, a dedicated on-site NDT (nondestructive testing) lab and a separate room for flow and balance equipment.

The Duncan Aviation engine parts inventory continued to expand at such a rate that in 2014, it required a move into its own 10,000 sq ft space.

In 2016, the overhaul shop went through another expansion with the addition of a 20,000 lb thrust-class turbofan engine test cell and state-of-the-art control room. The NDT and balance and flow rooms added new equipment and authorisations to support both Honeywell HTF and TFE engines.

“We put a priority on investing in new tooling, training and team members not only to meet immediate demands but also with an eye to the future,” says engine overhaul manager Scott Stoki.

Stoki goes on to say even seemingly small investments have large impacts on the shop's ability to bring added services in-house, which can improve turntimes and provide positive customer experiences. Such is the case with the recent purchase of new shot peen equipment. “We were already able to shot peen fan blades but the new equipment has a larger capacity and allows us to shot peen fan discs, fan blades, compressor wheels and the impeller wheel after blend repairs.”

Six of the original 15 engine technicians that moved to the new facility 20 years ago are still there. Greg Palensky, engine overhaul team leader, is one of them. He witnessed all of the changes over the years, but there is one thing he says hasn't changed. “The technology sure has changed, but we have always worked together as one team, pulling our weight and treating everyone like family. That hasn't changed. It never will.”

In addition to being a Honeywell authorised service facility (HTF7000 series minor and TFE731 Heavy), Duncan Aviation is authorised by Pratt & Whitney, GE, Williams International and Rolls Royce to perform a broad spectrum of engine services including MPI, CZI, HSI and other major maintenance.

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