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Gulfstream arrival bears the mark of Bello’s remarkable journey
Having started life in 2014, Journey Aviation continues to grow its heavy jet fleet. A Gulfstream GIV-SP with the registration N927JA has special significance for company founder Fabian Bello.
Fabian Bello believes that his success could only have been possible in America.

Journey Aviation is continuing to grow its large cabin, long range heavy jet charter fleet with the recent acquisition of a Gulfstream GIV-SP, N927JA, as its first wholly owned aircraft. With the latest addition, the company now has a fleet of 15 heavy jets, all available for international and domestic charter flights.

The partners of Journey made the decision to purchase the aircraft earlier this year as a result of the company's growth since its inception in 2014. As it is tradition to change the aircraft registration after purchase, founding member and CEO Fabian Bello selected the new number JA for Journey Aviation, and 9/27 for the date that his parents migrated to the US from Cuba – 27 September 1979.

He says: “The numbers 927 not only reflect the date and special honour to my parents but they also signify the essence of being afforded the opportunity to live in a capitalistic country that promotes the idea that you can start with nothing and end up with something many would consider out of this world. What I have achieved is practically unachievable in most of the world, including the land where I was born.

“Only in America can you come here as an immigrant with literally nothing but the clothes on your back and somehow achieve unfathomable success. You can attend average schools, live in low to middle income neighbourhoods where there are limited networking opportunities and catapult yourself into environments of growth and prosperity. What my parents were clear on and the lesson everyone should learn, is that if you cherish the opportunities you're given in this life, take nothing for granted and above all make good choices, anything is possible.”

Journey specialises in 24/7, on demand charter flights worldwide with a strong focus on achieving excellence in personalised service and quality products. With the addition of N927JA, Journey's fleet of 15 aircraft comprises Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream GV, Gulfstream G450, Gulfstream GIV-SP, Gulfstream GIV, Falcon 2000 and Hawker 4000 models, with future plans to add several more aircraft over the next year. The company holds the highest industry standard safety certifications of ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and IS-BAO.

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