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West Star Aviation

West Star Aviation
FBO/Handler (Grand Junction Regional / Grand Junction)

West Star Aviation

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West Star adds custom paint to factory-new Praetor
An Embraer Praetor 600 was brought directly to West Star from the OEM's factory. Embraer and Textron programme manager Tom Modrick says that these projects can be the most exciting.
This is the fifth time that West Star has been recognised by the ELP.

West Star Aviation has recently completed a custom paint finish on a factory-delivered Embraer Praetor 600, a first for the company. The new aircraft was brought to West Star directly from the factory at the request of the customer. West Star is capable of handling large and small paint projects, and has been set up as one-stop shop for customer requests.

“It's always exciting to be involved in the custom designs we offer, especially when it's a clean-slate straight from the factory," says Embraer and Textron programme manager Tom Modrick. “We believe our customers continue to select West Star for their aviation needs because of our wide range of services, including custom jobs such as this one.”

West Star has also been recognised for a fifth consecutive year as a gold leader by the Governor's Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) in Denver, Colorado. The ELP is a state-wide recognition and reward programme offering benefits and incentives to members that go above and beyond compliance with state and federal regulations, and are committed to continual environmental improvements. West Star Aviation entered the Colorado Governor's Environmental Leadership Program in October 2010, in addition to being a Western Slope leader, which assists other companies to successfully enter the programme.

“We take pride in our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint at West Star Aviation. Continual emphasis on growing a green company with new ideas and innovations helps us to keep our employees safe as well as our environment,” says general manager Dave Krogman.

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