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Falcon baggage modifications installed by West Star
West Star will now be able to install baggage modifications on Falcon 2000s, converting unused space into storage space with little impact on weight.

West Star Aviation has been granted FAA STC approval to install the Falcon 2000 baggage modification, allowing creation of a usable baggage space in the aft unpressurised area. The forward servicing compartment (FSC) panel enclosure will feature a 21.75 sq ft footprint, and 73.5 cu ft of usable baggage space. The installation weight of this modification is 115 pounds and can accommodate 185-275 pounds while still allowing access to all common service and maintenance items with no additional fire detection or suspension needed.

“This installation provides FAA-approved stowage provisions as it converts existing space into usable and much needed baggage and storage space. It will provide structural restraint for security while still retaining existing aircraft equipment stowage provisions including tow bar, ladder, engine inlet cover tool and the fly-away kit,” says vice president Falcon product development Eric Kujawa.

This modification is available to over 500 Falcon 2000 aircraft models and will have a minimal impact on weight and balance. To date the West Star teams have installed five baggage modifications.

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