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EBAA elects Par Avion founder to council
Janine Iannarelli has been elected vice chair of the board of the EBAA Associate Members Advisory Council. She is also tasked with elevating the science, art and practice of aircraft transactions.
Athar Husain Khan and Paolo Sommariva welcome Janine Iannarelli as vice chair of the EBAA's AMAC.

Pre-owned aircraft sales company Par Avion founder and president Janine Iannarelli has been elected vice chair of the board of the European Business Aviation Association's (EBAA) Associate Members Advisory Council (AMAC).

Iannarelli has been a long-time member of both the EBAA and the National Business Aviation Association. She was invited to participate as a member of the EBAA's AMAC committee in early 2016 and subsequently as chair of the Sales and Acquisition Committee. As vice chair, Iannarelli will serve to support current chair Paolo Sommariva in his organisational and management duties associated with the AMAC and as well serve as liaison to the EBAA board of governors in his absence. As chair of the Sales and Acquisition Committee, she leads the committee in helping to 'elevate the science, art and practice of aircraft transactions in Europe and beyond' with a specific goal of drafting guidelines that EBAA members may reference when engaging in the purchase or sale of an aircraft.

“I am honoured to have been chosen by my fellow sub-committee chairs to help lead the AMAC and continue to foster the strong relationship between the associate members and EBAA,” says Iannarelli. “The Associate Member Advisory Council is an integral part of the greater organisation which facilitates dialogue and debate on key issues that impact the broader business aviation community. As a legacy member of EBAA, I have long worked to help showcase the benefits of business aviation in Europe and the far reaching benefits that are derived by having a diversified air transportation network.”

EBAA secretary general Athar Husain Khan adds: “EBAA's effectiveness depends on support from members like Janine. AMAC is the bridge between EBAA and its associate members; it serves as an incubator of projects that bring added value to the business aviation industry. Janine's contribution to AMAC has been exemplary. It has helped us advance our mission and I look forward to continuing our great collaboration.”

Par Avion was founded and privately funded by Iannarelli in 1997. She also serves as the chair of the Texas Governor's Aerospace and Aviation Advisory Committee and has been inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey. She was named as one of 10 'Women on the Move' by Texas Executive Women in 2016 and one of Houston's 50 Most Influential Women in 2017.

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