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Quantum leaps towards air mobility revolution
James Hopkins, a key Quantum advisor and investor, believes that Bye and Quantum will create a whole new industry of urban aviation, reshaping the economics of regional flying.

Quantum is increasing the amount of purchase deposits for Bye Aerospace's two-seat and four-seat eFlyer aircraft. The companies have also announced an expanded partnership under which Quantum will use Bye Aerospace's all-electric aircraft to launch the anticipated urban air mobility revolution.

“The additional purchase deposits are the second in a series toward an expanded agreement for a fleet of hundreds of aircraft,” says Quantum CEO Tony Thompson. The partnership includes future purchase deposits to be made by Quantum for an expanded fleet of eFlyer 2s, eFlyer 4s and a yet-to-be announced Bye Aerospace aircraft.

Thompson hailed the transaction as the next step in Quantum's push to make local and point-to-point air transportation a reality. “eFlyer aircraft will be a cornerstone of our multi-modal aeromobility fleet, a fleet which will include electric and hybrid-electric aircraft, fixed-wing and rotary aircraft and land and sea aircraft,” he continues. “This transaction cements Bye Aerospace's status as the foremost electric aircraft manufacturer, and our status as the foremost aeromobility operator in the nation.”

George E. Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, adds: “Amidst the flurry of interest in improving urban aviation, Quantum is pursuing a practical, near-term, achievable path. We are pleased to expand this important partnership with Quantum.”

Other News
Air2E puts deposit down on fully electric eFlyer 800
October 8, 2021
Charter broker Air2E has confirmed an order for the eFlyer 800, as it intends to build a fleet of the fully electric aircraft for its own air taxi service. Bye Aerospace claims the aircraft achieves twin turboprop performance.
Reykjavik to greet three all-electric Bye trainers
August 31, 2021
Until now, the limited flight endurance of electric aircraft has been the main limitation to their uptake in the general aviation market. Aircraft from Bye Aerospace, however, can fly for up to three hours at a time.
Bye continues to develop eFlyer 4 design
August 16, 2021
Bye recently unveiled the eight-seat eFlyer 800, announcing purchase deposit agreements with Jet It, JetClub and Rheinland Air Service. It has around 800 aircraft in its production backlog over the three eFlyer models.