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CSI on hand to evacuate Bahamian residents
CSI Aviation doubled its flight schedule in order to assist Caribbean locals whose homes and safety were at risk from Hurricane Dorian. Where possible, the operator returned them to their homes as the threat subsided.

New Mexico-based operator CSI Aviation has been using its fleet of Beechcraft 1900s to evacuate US government personnel and contractors from the Bahamas to the US mainland, in order to protect them from Hurricane Dorian. The company, which performs daily flights to the Caribbean supporting the Department of Defense, has doubled its flight schedule recently to assist in the evacuation of family members and non-essential personnel. Since the storm passed, CSI has continued providing support to return those members to their homes.

“Our team is honoured to support those who serve and help keep their families safe from the hurricane,” comments Brice Middleton, VP of flight ops. CSI has a history of providing aircraft for emergency response requirements for government agencies and commercial companies.

CSI provides medical flight services and executive charters, contributing to the New Mexico health care system with patient transportation from rural New Mexico to receive life saving care using its fleet of King Air aircraft. CSI's aircraft are fully equipped with Spectrum Aeromed systems that ensure quality care, safety and comfort of patients. All flights are crewed by accredited medical personnel trained in patient care and aircraft safety.

CSI Aviation will celebrate its 40th year of operations in September. Established in 1979, the organisation has grown into a global aviation company providing diverse and complex solutions to commercial, group and private individuals and government customers. CSI holds FAR Part 135 Air Carrier operating authority and provides air charter and medical flight services.

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