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VNH South rates Mi-172 top for extinguishing fires
Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company has been working on short-term contracts with the Indonesian government to provide firefighting services. The firm is also looking to expand its oil and gas remit.
This is VNH South's fourth consecutive year providing helicopter services to fight fires in Indonesia.

Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company (VNH South) recently performed a ferry flight of an Mi-172 to Indonesia. This is the fourth consecutive year that VNH South has provided firefighting services in the country.

With the goal of developing flight services in overseas markets to increase revenue as a result of of low domestic oil and gas requirements, VNH South has actively sought new partners in the regional and international markets. Earleir this year the company signed a wet lease contract (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance) with its second partner in Indonesia, the National Utility Helicopters Company (NUH) to perform firefighting flights in Jambi province for Sinar Mas Group, one of Indonesia's largest private corporations specialising in mining, afforestation, paper production, real estate and financial investment. Three years ago, VNH South helicopters only operated for short-term periods from June to October to provide firefighting services for the Indonesian government, then ferried back to Vietnam. However, as per this year's contract, the helicopter will continuously operate in Indonesia for two to three years.

The signing of the contract with NUH not only helps VNH South to gain more revenue, expand its market and continue to stabilise the its position in the international market, but also opens up opportunities for it to provide oil and gas helicopter services in Indonesia in the future.