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The HondaJet Elite obtains Chinese type certification
The HondaJet Elite has met the safety standards set by China's CAA and deliveries will begin later this year. Hopes are pinned on it revitalising flagging aviation business in the region.
The HondaJet Elite has obtained Chinese type certification.

Honda Aircraft Company's HondaJet Elite has received type certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). Deliveries in the region will begin this year.

The HondaJet Elite holds type certifications from the FAA, EASA, Mexico's Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India, Japan Civil Aviation Bureau and Transport Canada Civil Aviation.

“Honda Aircraft's objective is to create new value in the aviation industry. Since we expanded to China, we have received several orders and have prioritised sales throughout the country. We will continue to contribute to the maturity of the business aviation market with the HondaJet,” says president and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “We are pleased our customers will soon be able to take delivery of their aircraft and are confident the HondaJet Elite will provide them with more efficient and comfortable travel.”

The authorised dealer for HondaJet in China, Hong Kong and Macau is Honsan General Aviation Co, and CEO Dr Cheng Qian adds: “We are thrilled to begin deliveries of the aircraft to our Chinese customers. The market here has reached a turning point and I believe the HondaJet will revitalise the aviation business. The aircraft is truly a time machine and will help to develop popular jet services in the region by showcasing the benefits of very light jet travel.”

The most delivered aircraft in its class for two consecutive years, the HondaJet fleet is comprised of more than 130 aircraft around the globe. Currently, the Honda Aircraft Company sales and service network spans North America, Europe, Middle and South America, southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, India and Japan.

The HondaJet Elite has unique over the wing engine mount configuration, natural laminar flow nose and wing and composite fuselage. These advancements contribute to the aircraft's performance, efficiency and fuselage space, making the aircraft's cabin the largest in its class.

The cabin features a full service galley, a private lavatory with optional belted seat and an exclusive Bongiovi sound system. The aircraft sets the gold standard in safety and human-machine interface technology with an ergonomically designed cockpit and enhanced customised Garmin G3000 avionics suite.

Honda Aircraft says it continues to be committed to the improvement of lives through personal mobility while living in a sustainable society. The HondaJet Elite remains more fuel efficient and emits less greenhouse gases than other similarly sized twin engine business jets. It is certified for single pilot operation.

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