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EASA certifies Safran Arrano 1A engine for H160
The Arrano 1A engine is green, simple to maintain and components are easy to take apart and exchange. Safran has now gained type certification ready for its application on the H160.
Safran has received EASA type certification for the H160's Arrano 1A engine.

Safran Helicopter Engines has received EASA type certification for its Arrano 1A engine, installed in the Airbus Helicopters H160. The Arrano is a new generation engine in the 1,100 to 1,300 shp power range, perfectly suited for new four-to-six tonne helicopters. The H160 made its first flight with the Arrano in January 2016.

Arrano programme director Cyrille Ressejac-Duparc says: “We are proud to announce Arrano certification here at Le Bourget. This engine lies at the vanguard of Safran's new engine range and its performance is unrivalled. It features low operational and support costs, easy maintenance and a lower environmental footprint. After a test campaign of 10,000 hours, including 2,000 in flight, we are now ready to support H160 entry into service.”

Airbus Helicopters H160 programme director Bernard Fujarski adds: “The Arrano is a major asset of the H160 and one that is fully aligned with the programme's overall ambition of bringing innovations for greater customer satisfaction thanks to its lower fuel consumption, its high level of performance and a maintenance plan that has been harmonised with that of the helicopter. Its certification passes a new milestone on the helicopter's entry into service roadmap.”

The Arrano integrates the best in aero-engine technologies. Its innovative design features a new generation digital control system that offers greater in flight responsiveness, enhancing both safety and pilot handling. It combines a highly efficient two stage centrifugal compressor, developed within the European Clean Sky programme, with new design variable inlet guide vanes (IGV). By improving the engine's thermal efficiency, these components contribute to reducing fuel consumption by 15 per cent over other in service engines. The gyratory combustion chamber features fuel injectors made using additive manufacturing (3D-printing) techniques. These enhance engine start performance in all weathers and altitudes, and contribute to reducing emissions.

The Arrano has been designed with simple maintenance in mind, and components and accessories are easy to access, disassemble and exchange. Servicing time is half that of previous generation engines. Operators also benefit from new digital services from Safran Helicopter Engines, including an electronic engine logbook (BOOST) and engine-life data tracking (Health Monitoring).

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