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MEBAA (Middle East & North Africa Business Aviation Association)
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Parker accelerates bid to put the brakes on
Parker's new brake and wheel conversion kit has been optimised to provide a 14.7 per cent weight reduction. The housing has been redesigned and the kit is said to be easy to assemble and maintain.

Parker Aerospace has made available its Cleveland wheel and brake conversion kit for the Daher TBM 900, TBM 930 and current production TBM 940 single-engine turboprop aircraft. Manufactured by the Parker Aerospace aircraft wheel and brake division, the conversion kit is stronger and lighter with many design improvements for easier maintenance. Additionally, the kits can also retrofit the TBM 700B, TBM700 C, TBM 850, TBM 900 aircraft and current production TBM 910.

Supported globally through Parker's worldwide distribution network, the new wheel design features high-strength forging that has been optimised to provide a 14.7 per cent weight reduction. Wheel enhancements also include the addition of rupture discs to help prevent accidental over-inflation of tyres and a sleeker, bold design that better integrates with the stylish look of the Daher TBM 900/930 models.

In terms of brake improvements, Parker redesigned the housing to be free of helical inserts and to incorporate wear-pin indicators, making tools unnecessary to check minimum wear-life thickness. In addition to a 3.7-percent weight reduction, the number of nuts and bolts used to fasten the torque tube and housing together is optimised for easier assembly and maintenance.

The aircraft wheel and brake division received its technical standard order (TSO) authorisation from the FAA for the aftermarket configuration of the wheels and brakes of the Daher TBM 900/930 models. In addition to being certified as a drop-in replacement assembly, the new wheels and brakes will also become the original equipment on the newly manufactured turboprops.

“Daher's TBM family of aircraft holds the distinction of being among the fastest single-engine production airplanes in existence while also being elegantly stylish,” says Parker business team leader Tom Dorinsky. “We are thrilled to provide owners and operators of these high-performance airplanes with a wheel and brake conversion kit that matches up to their standards.”

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