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Dallas facility is planned for Cirrus aircraft
Transforming the way it delivers support, Cirrus Aircraft is hoping its new location in McKinney, Texas will provide factory-direct support to its customers across the south-central US. Doors open in August this year.
Cirrus Aircraft is to open a new facility in the Dallas metroplex area later this year.

Cirrus Aircraft is to open a new facility at the McKinney National airport in Texas that will support Cirrus aircraft owners in the Dallas metroplex area. Factory service operations will be offered to customers from August 2019, and in late 2020 the facility will expand to include a new, dedicated Cirrus Aircraft facility on site that offers flight training, maintenance and aircraft management.

“Cirrus Services continues to transform the way we deliver factory-direct service and support,” explains president, customer experience Todd Simmons. “We recognise the importance of developing a world-class, comprehensive owner and operating experience, and our new location in McKinney, Texas is the latest step in providing factory-direct support to our customers in the south-central area of the United States.”

Announced in late 2018, Cirrus Services marks another milestone as Cirrus Aircraft continues to redefine general aviation by providing broad, world-class customer service for life through training, service and more. The Cirrus Services group focuses on growing capabilities and offerings at the company's expanding customer experience centres, like the Vision Center Campus in Knoxville, Tennessee and the new location in McKinney, Texas, as well as through a network of authorised service and training partners across the globe.

Cirrus Aircraft conducted a nationwide search to identify the best location for its first factory-direct satellite Cirrus Services facility outside of Knoxville, ultimately landing on McKinney National airport. In addition to the heavy concentration of Cirrus customers within the region, McKinney National airport offers optimal accessibility in a business-friendly environment. Cirrus Aircraft is also working with local partners, including Western, on the design and build of the new facility, with construction set to begin in early 2020.

“Our goal is to expand the premium experience our customers expect from our flagship Vision Center Campus in Knoxville, and we have found that opportunity at McKinney National airport,” says senior vice president, Cirrus Services Ravi Dharnidharka.

In addition to the growth of amenities and services offered to customers in the region, the Cirrus Services facility in McKinney will eventually bring an additional 30 jobs to the local community. Cirrus Aircraft is actively recruiting for a number of positions, including supervisory roles and A&P mechanics.

Other News
Cirrus earns fourth FAA service centre certification
May 15, 2023
Cirrus Aircraft's Kissimmee MRO facility has been awarded Part 145 certification by the FAA. The Duluth, Minnesota and Knoxville, Tennessee centres received certification in 2021, and McKinney in Texas in 2022.
Cirrus Aircraft breaks ground on McKinney facility
May 15, 2023
Cirrus plans to invest $13m in the new 45,000 sq ft Cirrus McKinney facility which is situated within the Dallas Metroplex, a central location for many of SR Series and Vision Jet owners.
ANAC gives the nod to Cirrus Safe Return system
April 16, 2023
Receiving ANAC certification for the Vision Jet's Safe Return is a tremendous milestone for Cirrus' Brazilian owners and operators. New Vision Jet exports and aircraft already in Brazil can now have Safe Return enabled.