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No let-up in demand for half centurion L-410
The latest generation model of Aircraft Industries' L-410 has doubled its luggage compartment capacity to 400kg. A new integral wing has greatly improved endurance up to 10 and a half hours.

Last month Aircraft Industries celebrated a milestone anniversary: 50 years since the first flight of its L-410 aircraft. The type has become popular since, due to its unique characteristics and handling.

The L-410 is known for its ability to land on short and unpaved runways, and is able to operate under extreme conditions from over 50 degrees Celsius to −50. Since the first prototype, the aircraft has been through many modifications, but the key characteristics remain. From the beginning the L-410 was developed as a two engine turboprop, intended for the regional transportation of passengers and cargo, with the emphasis on the option to operate on small airfields, out of the major routes and in remote areas with difficult climatic conditions.

Changes in aviation regulation, technology and customer demands have led to the adoption of a continuous improvement approach, with the L-410 being constantly refined over the years.

Currently, the core focus of the company is the production of the L410 UVP-E20. In 2018, its L410 NG was also made ready for commercial production. Nearly 10 years in the making, this new generation model doubles the luggage compartment capacity to 400 kg, adding a new integral wing which provides a near two-fold fuel capacity, resulting in a range increase to 2570 km and an endurance of 10.5 hours.

“The company is currently doing well, having recently celebrated its second strongest performance year since its inception, with fourteen sold aircraft and sixteen produced, enabled by our near 1,000 strong team of employees,” says CEO Ilona Piskova.

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