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IS&S awarded King Air autothrottle STC by FAA
King Air pilots can now embrace autothrottle capabilities thanks to a one-off IS&S STC. ThrustSense automatically controls the power setting; controlling power, reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety.
The FAA has awarded an STC for the King Air to Innovative Solutions & Support's ThrustSense autothrottle.

US avionics technology company Innovative Solutions & Support (IS&S) has received the first and only FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) for its patented ThrustSense autothrottle for retrofit in the King Air. ThrustSense, which provides FADEC-like engine protection, is a full regime autothrottle from takeoff to landing phases of flight, including go-around, that allows the pilot to automatically control the power setting of the engine.

ThrustSense computes and controls appropriate power levels, reducing pilot workload and bringing a new level of convenience and safety for King Air owners and operators. It ensures stabilised approaches by controlling speeds in the descent. During high pilot workload the autothrottle prevents the aircraft from getting dangerously slow or fast and additionally protects against overtorque and overtemp.

Control is housed in an easy to install autothrottle control panel (ATCP) that provides autothrottle control interface. The optimised design for retrofit allows for no structural modifications to the existing throttle quadrant and can be installed in four days.

This year IS&S will offer a certified software upgrade for King Air Vmca mitigation with real-time monitoring of YAW providing additional safety in engine-out conditions.

The company says that ThrustSense is also the first and only certified autothrottle for the PC-12 platform and is offered as a standalone installation integrated with the company's integrated stand by unit or with its PC-12 NexGen flight deck. IS&S will offer ThrustSense to virtually all PT6 powered aircraft, a market with over 13,000 individual tail numbers.

Other News
IS&S autothrottle gains STC for King Air with G1000
January 9, 2023
This certification allows ThrustSense to be installed on all certified glass cockpit systems for the King Air.
LED entry light earns PMA approval for PWI
December 28, 2022
The FAA has given PMA approval for the LED entry door light for King Air 200, B200/250, 300 and B300/350 twin turboprops. Illuminating the ground below the door, the upgrade features long life and low power draw.
FAA gives PMA approval for PWI ice light windows
November 21, 2022
PWI's FAA-approved windows enhance ice detection on the leading edge of King Air and Beech 1900 wings. PWI has also added EDMO as distributor for its drop in replacement cockpit light LED upgrade systems.