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VIP cabin concept shows best of East and West
The Nature's Touch cabin from Ameco and Lufthansa Technik will configure to both ACJ320s and 737 BBJs. The VIP layout combines elements from Eastern and Western cultures with advanced intelligent technology.
Ameco and Lufthansa Technik fuse East and West in their VIP cabin concept.
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Chinese MRO Ameco and Lufthansa Technik have jointly developed a VIP narrow-body aircraft cabin that is based on an Airbus ACJ320 business jet, but which can be adapted to Boeing 737 BBJ configuration as well.

Lufthansa Technik head of Asia sales Jan Grube says: “We want to showcase our joint vision for the next generation of cabin technology. Here, Chinese design and German technology work hand in hand. Lufthansa Technik's many years of experience in craftsmanship and engineering know-how and Ameco's insights into Chinese culture and customer wishes form a symbiosis that can fulfil every request from Chinese customers.”

The VIP cabin features a galley for inflight cooking, guest area, lounge, dining or meeting area, cinema and a master bedroom. There is also a convertible sofa, a coffee table in the multi-functional lounge and a bar with transformable dividers.

Traditional Chinese colours and textures have been used throughout, and integrated into the cabin environment are interfaces such as hidden passenger system control units (PCU), intelligent cabin signs, smart touch-screen desktops, smart window shade glass and ambient-lights. Roll-up/down screen technology in the cinema has also been installed, and voice and gesture recognition simplifies the handling of the cabin management (CMS) and inflight entertainment (IFE) systems.

Cabin usage can be mood-matched, so that for a business trip, displays could show live data from global business networks via cloud services. Wireless charging on many horizontal surfaces is available for personal devices, while video conferencing and full connectivity is provided by high-speed internet connection. Cabin lights and surroundings would create a business-like ambience and the integrated bar would be closed off.

For a leisure trip, the cabin displays could show music and entertainment services with light projections onto the lining and ceiling. The bar area would be open, as would the roller shutters, and lighting would flow through from the lounge to the dining area. The cinema room contains a large 75" screen as well as ambient lighting and an all-new louvre ceiling concept.

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