The ACH160 helicopter sale maintains strong ACH momentum into 2019.

The ACH160 helicopter sale maintains strong ACH momentum into 2019.

March 12, 2019

Corporate ACH160 to join Lions Air managed fleet
Lions Air will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of an ACH160 following its recent sale to an undisclosed first-time Airbus customer based in Europe.

Airbus Corporate Helicopters has sold a private Airbus ACH160 to a new European customer and this will be flown by

Swiss helicopter operator Lions Air.

The undisclosed client, who has substantial experience of using helicopters for private and business purposes, was said to have been inspired by the design, performance and comfort of the ACH160. The aircraft will feature a bespoke interior designed by Texas-based aviation consultant Huslig Collective.

Head of ACH Frederic Lemos says: “ACH has made an excellent start since its global launch and is generating great enthusiasm in the private and business aviation community, increasing its market share steadily. It is particularly pleasing to see the new ACH160 continuing to win orders and we are confident that the new ACH145 will have similar success.”

ACH is backed by HCare First, aimed at the specific needs of operators typically recording low flight hours but demanding worry-free aircraft availability.

“As a dedicated brand for private and business aviation, which is an important market segment in North America, we are looking forward to increasing the value proposition for our customers,” says Airbus Helicopters president Chris Emerson. “Last year alone we saw 28 private and business aviation sales in North America, and going forward we feel that the ACH experience will bring an additional differentiator in the marketplace.”

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