The SH09 prototypes have been performing favourably.

The SH09 prototypes have been performing favourably.

February 22, 2019

Heli-Expo delegates to experience SH09 mock-up
Papillon Helicopters' sister company Rainier Heli International has already placed orders for five SH09s with five further options. Kopter is looking to impress the crowds at Heli-Expo by highlighting its relationship with VRM.

Kopter Group will display a full-scale mock-up of its SH09 helicopter, outfitted in seven-seat passenger configuration at this year's Heli-Expo show in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in March. The five passenger and two pilot configuration has been engineered and manufactured by Shreveport, Louisiana-based Metro Aviation, which has previously developed law enforcement and EMS interiors for Kopter's SH09.

The mock-up will be presented in the livery of sightseeing operator Papillon Helicopters' 'Grand Canyon Golden Eagle' paint scheme. Papillon's sister company Rainier Heli International, an aircraft leasing company, has placed a firm order for five SH09s with options for five more.

Kopter is continuing SH09 flight test activities. Prototype 3 is currently operating from its Mollis, Switzerland production facility ahead of its departure to Sicily for a campaign design to open the helicopter's flight envelope.

Included on Kopter Group's booth will be the SH09 motion-based simulator from VRM Switzerland, which follows a newly-signed strategic alliance that enables both companies to jointly offer flight training solutions for the SH09. VRM Switzerland, based in the Innovation Park Z├╝rich, has developed an innovative device that will allow SH09 customers to train more efficiently and cost-effectively, benefitting from features that include a high-resolution virtual reality visual system, a highly-dynamic six degree-of-freedom motion platform, and a high-speed control unit that leverages the motion system's full performance.

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