The Latitude 'optimises the charter experience' according to L33.

The Latitude 'optimises the charter experience' according to L33.

The Latitudes are based at Van Nuys and Fresno airports.

The Latitudes are based at Van Nuys and Fresno airports.

February 5, 2019

Latitude 33 selects two of its namesake for premium charter work
Latitude 33 is focusing on coast-to-coast and international flights from its California headquarters. A pair of factory-new Citation Latitudes are well-equipped for such flying, with spacious cabins and baggage holds.

Californian operator Latitude 33 Aviation (L33) has taken delivery of two factory-new Cessna Citation Latitude jets, further expanding its fleet of charter aircraft. The increase to the company's midsize and super-midsize aircraft portfolio will provide increased availability for nonstop coast-to-coast and international flights andl bring L33's total fleet size to over 30 jets.

“The addition of these two Citation Latitude aircraft enhances our capabilities, perfectly positioning us to significantly expand our premium charter services throughout the western US and beyond,” says owner and director Solomon Short. “Situated at Van Nuys and Fresno airports, these aircraft are optimally located to serve the needs of both our Los Angeles and Bay area clients.”

The Latitude has a flat floor and its cabin is six feet tall. With a maximum range of 2,850 nm and a four-passenger range of 2,700 nm at high-speed cruise, it also features a pressurisation system that delivers a 5,950 ft cabin altitude at a ceiling of 45,000 feet. Its wireless cabin management system equips each passenger with connectivity and entertainment through their personal electronic devices.

“Our company has a reputation for offering the highest quality and most comfortable aircraft available for charter,” says L33 president and owner Casey Miller. “The Latitude optimises the charter experience and adheres to our brand promise, exceeding the expectations of our discerning clientele.”

L33 has recently launched a selection of custom travel experiences, including the ‘Surf to Ski Experience’, which involves a morning surf in the Pacific Ocean followed by a private charter flight to the west coast's mountains for an afternoon on the slopes. With 127 cubic feet of baggage capacity and the ability to carry 1,245 pounds, the Citation Latitude, L33 believes, will be ideal for such a trip.

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