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Signature opens Toolbox to enhance customer experience
Signature Flight Support is taking advantage of FlightAware's FBO Toolbox, which now has a useful scheduling feature. FlightFeeders technology also tracks aircraft at each stage of flight.

Signature Flight Support has deployed FlightAware's FBO Toolbox across its FBO network. The move will establish better communications between aircraft operators and FBOs by enabling coordination and service to the flight support industry.

FlightAware's FBO Toolbox is a web-based platform that includes a suite of tools to support operations at FBOs. Paired with FlightAware Global, the toolbox enables Signature to leverage synergies between the two FlightAware services, enhancing the customer experience.

FlightAware recently added an FBO scheduling feature that enables FlightAware Global customers to pre-select the FBO they intend to visit at their destination. When a user selects a Signature facility, FlightAware sends an email notification so FBO employees can prepare for the inbound aircraft. If the aircraft is blocked, FlightAware Global customers will be able to provide access to tracking via FBO Toolbox at the selected FBO.

Signature FBOs will also host proprietary ADS-B ground stations from FlightAware, called FlightFeeders. The FlightFeeders track aircraft in the air as well as on the ground, making it possible for FlightAware Global customers to know when their aircraft powers on at its origin, when it begins taxiing, as well as the moment it parks at its destination.

Signature CCO Shawn Hall notes: “We are keenly focused on providing a differentiated, high-touch level of customer service across our global network. The integration of FlightAware's technology will further enhance our ability to provide customers with efficient and accurate service delivery no matter where they fly within our network.”

FlightAware CEO Daniel Baker adds: “As the largest FBO network in the world, Signature has earned a reputation for operational excellence and customer experience that is continuously improved by utilising innovative technology like FlightAware. We are thrilled to deploy FBO Toolbox and look forward to adding new features to further connect facilities with operators.”

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