January 7, 2019

Third of three LR75s enters service for ‘Lear house’ Omni
Omni Air Transport has been in business for 35 years, weathering the storm of a volatile industry with a robust fleet of Learjets. A third LR75 will bring its roster right up to date and enable non-stop access to either coast.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma-based Omni Air Transport has added another Learjet 75 to its fleet, its third since May 2017, as part of a fleet modernisation programme. Now into its 35th year of operation, the company has extensively flown the Learjet family of aircraft, including LR35s, 40s, 45s, 55s, 60s and now 75s.

"We are an end-to-end aviation services company," comments director of business development Jasper Athwal. "We offer private charter on a membership programme called SkyPass for frequent flyers or on an on-demand basis along with a full range of aircraft management services to aircraft owners.

"Omni has multiple regional bases across the US and has been offering successful charter services for over 35 years. Omni Aircraft Sales, our acquisition and brokerage business, was created on the back of a number of successful years assisting our clients with their aircraft acquisition and brokerage needs. Whether our clients are looking to buy their first aircraft, upgrade an existing asset or navigate out of aircraft ownership, Omni provides the full range of services, support and confidence through every step of the transaction.

“Reaching 35 years is a testament to the commitment to excellence in service that is implemented at every level of the organisation – it is an achievement we are immensely proud of.”

Omni currently has nine Learjets in its fleet, including three LR40s, two LR45s, a LR60 and the three LR75s. "We have loyalties towards Learjets, and believe that they perform fantastically from this region, but also this development is an effort to modernise our fleet, as the 75 is the latest model in the series," Athwal continues. "From our headquarters, using the Lear 75 we are able to go to either the West or East Coast without fuel stops on a typical passenger load, which is fantastic. We operate a floating fleet structure, and on the east coast we float in a triangle between New York, south Florida and Chicago. You can go from the north down to the islands with ease. The Learjets are overwhelmingly the most popular aircraft in our fleet.

Omni also has regional bases in Nashville, Tennessee; Houston; Dallas and Tulsa. Athwal says that clients are continuously flying up to Canada and down to Mexico, multiple times in a week, via the East Coast-based floating fleet.

He forecasts growth in 2019: "We will look to expand our managed clients. We have got current clients that have navigated out of Lear 35s into Lear 60s and have continued to grow with us. So far, the LR75s have been very popular with all of our clients, particularly from a connectivity point of view, with individual Airshows. The sound reduction in the main cabin is very impressive, as are the added luxury details. The aircraft also has privacy screen options, cutting the main cabin from the cockpit, and we gain fuel efficiencies too.

"We are a massive Lear house. We are used to buying them, selling them and identifying the best value in the market. We are accustomed to managing these aircraft and we know the best training schedule, the best maintenance support and the best exit strategies.”

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