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First Rega H145 enters service
Rega is a powerhouse of HEMS in Europe, and seven factory-new H145s are set to step its services up a gear. The first of these aircraft recently arrived in Bern-Belp and was greeted by 50,000 onlookers.
Swiss Air-Rescue Rega's latest H145 helicopter will be based at Bern-Belp.
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Swiss Air-Rescue Rega's latest H145 helicopter has commenced service from its Bern-Belp operational base. The helicopter's first assignment was to transfer a patient with a serious illness from the Biel Hospital centre to the Island Hospital of Bern in order to undergo an emergency operation.

The H145 is more powerful than its EC145 predecessor, which increases its safety. The aircraft has a four-axis autopilot and is able to fly precise satellite-based approach procedures. With its spacious cabin, the new Rega helicopter can also be used for special intensive medical transportation, such as a heart-lung machine or a transport incubator for premature babies.

The Rega base at Bern-Belp will eventually house seven H145-type helicopters currently on order. Up to 50,000 Bernese residents witnessed the delivery of the first unit, which landed in the city's Federal Square. The audience was able to view the helicopter and ask questions to its crew.

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Croatian HEMS service takes flight
April 30, 2024
Zagreb and Osijek, vital hubs for rapid response in the heart of the country, are operated by Eliance with EC135s. Rijeka and Split serve the coastline and islands and are operated by Elifriulia with Airbus H145s.
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March 2, 2024
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