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ACI equips Challenger 604 with Honeywell Ka-band hardware
Streaming HD video content is a high priority for the modern business jet traveller, especially on long haul routes such as the west coast to Hawaii. ACI Jet is ahead of the curve.
ACI Jet avionics supervisor Brian Ford and VP of aircraft maintenance Dave Jensen.

California-based Part 135 operator ACI Jet has successfully installed Honeywell's JetWave Ka-band internet hardware, including Inmarsat's Jet ConneX data plan by Rockwell Collins, on one of its managed Challenger 604s. The service offers broadband internet access from nearly every point on the globe, regardless of altitude, and a full suite of avionics and interior upgrades was also added to the CL604 as part of its 48-month inspection.

While the aircraft underwent JetWave installation, ACI's maintenance team inspected and upgraded other key components at its Part 145 San Luis Obispo repair station. A Rockwell Collins FANS/ADS-B upgrade package was installed to meet the 1 January, 2020 compliance deadline for domestic ADS-B Out, as well as the current international requirements. Additionally, equipping the aircraft with satcom and VHF datalink will allow for quicker ground operations domestically, through the use of CPDLC clearance delivery. The leather seats on the aircraft were re-dyed and new carpet was fitted. 110V electrical outlets are now available at each seat, accomplished in part by 3D printing techniques.

“The real story behind this installation isn't just that it's a first of its kind,” says ACI VP of maintenance Dave Jensen, “but rather that it brings international, overwater broadband internet speeds fast enough for multiple passengers to stream HD quality video to a new category of aircraft owner and charter consumer.

“Clients have been asking for this kind of service on our west coast to Hawaii flights, and owners of charter aircraft capable of flying international or overwater routes should be listening.”

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