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Comlux to fit VIP inflight humidification to ACJ320neo
Dry eyes and fatigue are banished for future flights onboard one particular ACJ320neo as Sweden-based CTT teams up again with Comlux to complete another VIP inflight humidification order.
Comlux Completion CEO Scott Meyer is overseeing the fitting of Cair VIP inflight humidification to an ACJ320neo.

Comlux Completion has placed an order with Swedish aircraft humidity control systems manufacturer CTT Systems to fit Cair VIP inflight humidification (IFH) into an Airbus ACJ320neo. This is CTT Systems' 92nd IFH order for Airbus ACJ and Boeing BBJ VIP aircraft.

CEO Scott Meyer says: “Humidification is one of the most important features in engineering luxury and comfort for our most prestigious completion clients. CTT Systems is a trusted supplier and its Cair VIP inflight humidification has proven to be a very reliable and efficient system.”

The IFH system uses evaporative cooling technology that effectively precludes the transfer of bacteria and improves air quality by reducing particles in the cabin air. It achieves a comfortable level of 22 per cent relative humidity throughout the entire aircraft cabin. Without it, relative humidity is only 3-5 per cent, far below the recommended level for human comfort, health and well-being. On long-haul flights it brings benefits in terms of a reduction of dry air related problems such as fatigue, jet-lag, red eyes, dry skin and the spread of viral diseases, and passengers also report improved well-being and sleep. The system also offers total anti-condensation protection.

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