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Euro Jet celebrates ten years
A decade of ground handling has spawned a raft of facilities across Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Euro Jet continues to expand, coordinating handling and ensuring pilots can put their feet up after a busy day.
Marcin Zak is country manager at Euro Jet Poland.

Euro Jet, the Prague based provider of ground handling support services throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia, has celebrated a decade of operations with the opening of three new facilities in Sofia, Warsaw, Belgrade. It has also moved its Zagreb lounge to the new general aviation terminal. These are all complementary spaces so involve no additional charge for the customer.

In July, Euro Jet opened a brand crew facility at Sofia International airport in Bulgaria, located in the remotely located ramp control building and conveniently situated next to the general aviation parking positions. According to the company, this is the only VIP facility in this building and is exclusively for Euro Jet supported flights. On the ramp its brand-new Mercedes Viano enables crew and passengers to travel easily between the main terminal, its facility and their aircraft.

August saw the opening of a lounge in the GAT at Warsaw's Frederic Chopin airport. Poland country manager Marcin Zak says: “This is the only lounge located on the street side of the airport. Crews will be able to get their work down in our lounge, have a drink and snack, print out their paperwork, and then proceed just a few steps to their parked aircraft.”

At Zagreb's Franjo Tuđman airport, Euro Jet has moved its lounge to the new GAT where it officially opened last spring. Located in the southwest corner of the old main terminal building, the GAT allows for those flying in on their aircraft to have their own private area to arrive and depart the airport, whereas before they had to use the same area as passengers on regular commercial flights. At the same time the company also opened an office at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla airport, located in a containerised facility right off the general aviation parking area. This, Eurojet claims, is the only facility of its kind on the ramp and provides its customers with an area to work or take a break from flying. Country manager Strahinja Djordjevic adds: “Our customers can now walk just 50 metres from the aircraft to our office. No other provider at Belgrade Airport can offer this convenience. We now also have the ability to print out paperwork right in our office and walk it over to the aircraft, whereas others still have to get everything from the main terminal and bring it over. This means we can get things done much faster.”

As with all Euro Jet facilities, these new offices and lounges have both crew member work stations and couches on which they can relax. Wi-fi, computers, printers and complimentary snacks and beverages are provided at each location, and the facilities in Zagreb and Sofia also have flat screen televisions.

CEO Charlie Bodnar says: “Euro Jet never stops investing in its customers. When we see that there is a need for a proper lounge and office space, that our customers can utilise to take a break from a long flight or to plan their next one, then we do whatever we can to open one there. We never stop working for our customers, and will continue to open up more lounges in the future.”

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