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Satcom Direct heralds centralised flight information
A cloud-based software solution promises centralised management of aircraft and flight information, as well as customised reporting and analytics. A dozen customers are already on board.
SD Scheduler should optimise work flows and simplify communication from pre-flight planning through to post-flight reporting.

Satcom Direct (SD) has launched a cloud-based software solution SD Scheduler, that it says optimises workflows and simplifies communication across all parts of the operation, from pre-flight planning to post-flight reporting. Scalable and customisable, it meets the requirements of individual flight departments and makes data more available to support the needs of flight operations.

SD FlightLogs, the post-flight component of SD Scheduler, captures automated information for accurate and efficient post-flight reporting. This data moves through the SD Pro ecosystem to update CAMP Systems's maintenance management system, that synchronises the aircraft with flight operations and enables aircraft maintenance status to be viewed in SD Pro and SD Scheduler. The reliable and secure design meets corporate IT cybersecurity needs, and SD's Agile software development continuously enhances the system.

“In SD Scheduler we have created a continually evolving software system that adapts to the changing business aviation environment,” says founder and CEO Jim Jensen. “Through its capacity to synchronise with every element of flight operations, it supports the ability to align all members of the flight team, as well as passengers, corporate offices and vendors, to keep operations secure, streamlined and efficient. Integration with third parties also gives customers the flexibility to create a product that enhances their daily operations. Our aim is to continue to deliver proactive tools that deliver up-to-date information to keep flight departments efficient, safe and seamlessly synchronised.”

SD Scheduler is currently being implemented with the first 12 customers and is commercially available to additional flight departments.

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