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Plane Simple antenna approved for Jet ConneX inflight broadband
SD's Plane Simple Ka-band terminal is now fully compatible with Jet ConneX. It will connect immediately with existing and next-gen Viasat GX satellites and more than double the amount of data traffic.
Viasat head of business aviation Kai Tang and Satcom Direct president Chris Moore.

Satcom Direct is celebrating type approval of the SD Plane Simple Ka-band terminal for Viasat's Jet ConneX inflight broadband service. The approval follows months of meticulous testing and optimisation by both companies. It confirms that the advanced new terminal, which is purpose-built for the business aviation sector, is fully compatible with Jet ConneX and maximises connectivity to keep customers productive, entertained and in touch wherever they fly.

The SD Plane Simple Ka-band terminal will connect immediately with existing Viasat GX satellites, which power the Jet ConneX service, and will also be compatible with next-generation GX satellites, each of which deliver more capacity than the existing GX satellites put together. These upcoming satellites transmit dual polarity signals, which more than double the amount of data being transmitted and received. The SD Plane Simple Ka-band terminal is the first in the business aviation sector to successfully optimise this technology.

An expanded range of service plans for Jet ConneX will be made exclusively available to Satcom Direct operators equipping their aircraft with the SD Plane Simple Ka-band tail mount terminal. The new offerings include the first-ever 'Power by the Hour' option for the JX service, enabling business jet operators to pay an hourly rate for high-speed inflight connectivity.

SD president Chris Moore says: "Our goal is to ensure our business aviation customers benefit from consistent, reliable service. Our Plane Simple Ka-band technology, combined with the new plans and our industry-leading customer support, adds further value to our offering. Customers require flexibility and consistency, and together with Viasat, we are committed to delivering a superior service that aligns with diverse operational budgets and individual customer demands."

Kai Tang, Viasat head of business aviation, adds: "Jet ConneX has established itself as a trusted business aviation inflight connectivity solution delivering consistent, reliable, high-speed broadband wherever customers fly. It has always remained one step ahead of market demands, and we're excited to introduce even more advanced capabilities and service plans with Satcom Direct's Plane Simple Ka-band technology. We congratulate our partner on this important milestone."

SD has confirmed its first customer for the SD Plane Simple Ka-band terminal and is talking with other operators keen to participate in supplemental type certification generation, with the first STC expected to be confirmed by the end of Q1 2024.

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