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Harrods and London Luton waive charges for EHAAT
The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust is often called out to the Luton area to handle emergencies. Harrods Aviation and London Luton airport are lending a hand by offering cost-free fuelling and handling.
Co-pilot David Kelly, clinical operations manager Scott McIlwaine and chief pilot Jim Lynch of EHAAT with operations director Neil Thompson and chief financial officer Barry Hunter of London Luton Airport and Harrods Aviation base manager Michael Reader.
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The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust (EHAAT) will receive support from Harrods Aviation and London Luton airport as part of a new venture.

Harrods is waiving all handling fees if one of EHAAT's helicopters needs to land at London Luton and use the handling services of its FBO, while the airport has agreed to supply fuel at no cost.

EHAAT provides emergency medical services across Essex, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. As a result, crews often handle emergencies in the area surrounding Luton.

Harrods Aviation sales and marketing director Will Holroyd says: “We are very proud to be supporting the amazing and invaluable work performed by the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance. Of course, we hope to never see the ambulance at Luton, but if we do, the team can be assured of receiving immediate and full support on the ground from Harrods Aviation.”

In September, Harrods Aviation reinforced this relationship by hosting guests at donor event Flying to New Heights, held at North Weald airfield in Essex in support of EHAAT.