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Teterboro and Chicago gain HondaJets for charter
Looking for a short hop to Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard? Then the five-passenger HondaJet might be just the ticket, courtesy of Gama Aviation Signature and the Japanese manufacturer.
Honda claims the HondaJet was the most delivered aircraft in its class last year.

Gama Aviation Signature has added two HondaJets to its managed fleet. They will initially be based in Teterboro and Chicago offering an effective solution to the typical gridlocked commuter's daily experience, the company says, as well as a unique experience for those venturing to nearby leisure destinations like Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

"Our managed fleet has been growing exponentially in the large cabin category over the past few years, but so has the charter demand for more efficient solutions for regional trips," says Tom Connelly, CEO of Gama Aviation Signature. "The HondaJet will fit this demand and complement our fleet nicely. When Honda Aircraft Company made the decision to put several aircraft into Part 135 service to build its brand loyalty and increase public access to the HondaJet, it chose Gama Aviation Signature to be its partner for its operational excellence, safety culture and nationwide network of support."

Honda Aircraft Company president and CEO Michimasa Fujino added: "We are proud Gama Aviation Signature has added two HondaJets to its fleet and believe the aircraft will surpass its customers' expectations. As the largest aircraft management company in the United States, Gama Aviation Signature has a reputation for providing unrivalled support for its aircraft and I am confident the HondaJet will offer its customers an incredible charter experience with its high performance, efficiency and comfortable cabin."

Other News
Order for 25 confirms Volato commitment to HondaJet
December 7, 2022
Members of Volato's fractional ownership programme will have access to an expanded fleet of 40 HondaJets once the 25 Elite II now on order are delivered.
SmartSky solutions are now available for Citation X
November 10, 2022
This Textron-owned STC enables owners of the more than 300 Cessna Citation X series aircraft to take advantage of SmartSky's US air-to-ground connectivity network.
XLS and Longitude order boosts flyExclusive capacity
October 18, 2022
flyExclusive has very quickly become one of the largest owner operators of Citations in the world, and it has now committed to a further 14 new aircraft in the next few years. The company is to become publicly traded.