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Atlantic phases out older fleet with first AW139s in the Faroe Islands
Atlantic Airways, based in the Faroe Islands, has signed a contract for two AW139 intermediate twin helicopters.
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Atlantic Airways, based in the Faroe Islands, has signed a contract for two AW139 intermediate twin helicopters. The aircraft will be used to perform SAR missions and passenger transportation between the islands. The first helicopter is set for delivery later this year while the second is due in spring 2016. These rotorcraft will replace two B412s.

This contract signals the entrance of AgustaWestland helicopters into the Faroe Islands and strengthens the presence of the type in northern Europe, where it is used by a number of government and private customers in many countries to carry out missions including passenger trans-port, search and rescue, emergency medical service, offshore transport, law enforcement and military duties.

“This is a significant improvement of our helicopter service as the old helicopters are becoming obsolete, especially in light of stricter regulations,” remarks ceo Jorgen Holme. “With AW139 helicopters we are acquiring a modern fleet ready for the future, and which meets all relevant standards.”

The AW139 has a maximum cruise speed of 165 knots and range in excess of 570 nm with auxiliary fuel. The aircraft has favourable one-engine inoperative capabilities, even in hot and high environmental conditions.

Atlantic Airways, the national airline of the Faroe Islands, was founded in 1987 and began operating scheduled flights in March 1988. It also operates helicopters for scheduled passenger, charter and SAR missions within the Faroe Islands archipelago.

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