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TAG Aviation pioneers paperless cockpit and cuts fuel burn
Farnborough-based TAG Aviation has become the first business aviation operator to receive approval from the UK CAA for paperless cockpits, using iPads to replace paper flight deck documents.

Farnborough-based TAG Aviation has become the first business aviation operator to receive approval from the UK CAA for paperless cockpits, using iPads to replace paper flight deck documents.

TAG is now equipping crews across its managed fleet with iPads which will serve as Class I EFBs and will be loaded with Vistair DocuNet and Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck applications. DocuNet, a cloud-based library publication system, enables crews to download and manage TAG Aviation operational flight deck documents using their iPads. Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck allows crews to access aeronautical arrival and departure information for airports worldwide. It can also be accessed via Class 3 EFB primary flight displays.

“The introduction of paperless technology will ensure that pilots have up-to-date, essential infor-mation at their fingertips,” says Russ Allchorne, vp of flight operations Europe. “Flights manuals, manufac-turer's documents and aeronautical flight charts can be updated at the touch of a button instead of the time-consuming and wasteful process of manually updating hard copies.

“At TAG we are committed to identifying ways to pioneer standards in flight operations and wider business aviation practices to improve efficiency, safety and our environmental footprint.”

TAG is also hoping to save fuel by going paperless; manual flight bags can weigh between 20kg and 30kg, whereas the iPad weighs less than 1kg. Operating manuals, navigation charts, reference handbooks, flight checklists, logbooks and weather information can all now be accessed via the device and the electronic version will save printing costs. TAG has a managed fleet of 140 aircraft and plans to implement the paperless approach in each member of its fleet, including those under Swiss, Spanish, Middle Eastern and Asian AOCs.

“This represents a significant step forward for our pilots,” explains chief pilot Mark Blois-Brooke. “The use of Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck electronic charts together with Vistair DocuNet for company manuals ensures that we have up-to-date information readily and instantly available. The weight savings are significant too; helping to reduce fuel burn.

“We are proud to be the first UK operator to gain CAA approval for paperless operations.”

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