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VistaJet rewards specialist caterer for round-the-clock attention
VistaJet has chosen specialist caterer Bon Soirée to provide the food for all its flights departing from airports in the London region.

VistaJet has chosen specialist caterer Bon Soiree to provide the food for all its flights departing from airports in the London region.

Chief commercial officer of VistaJet Ian Moore says: “The reason for us working with Bon Soiree is not only its extremely high standard of food and attention to detail but also because of the service that founder Derek and his team provide no matter which time of day or night it might be. This is the key that makes it our ideal partner in London and a very successful provider in this fast moving and unforeseeable business.”

The agreement also means that Bon Soiree will provide cabin crew training on how to prepare and present the dishes.

Owner and founder of Bon Soiree, Derek Freeman says of the partnership: “It is hugely exciting to be given the challenge to supply food of the highest standards possible for VistaJet's passengers and it is a challenge for my chefs.”

Healthier, Asian and Russian foods on the rise

Bon Soiree has noticed that air charter passengers are becoming ever more health conscious, especially on American and Japanese flights. Requests for low sodium, low fat, and low carb diets as well as meals that consist of only organic produce, are on the increase, it says.

The caterer is increasingly asked for 'super food' dishes and to provide for specific diets, so its chefs now come up with imaginative ways of using, for example, nuts, seeds and berries. Freeman comments: “When discussing menus with flight attendants on US flights, we are quite often told their clients are 'flexitarians', which means they practice meat free days.”

More clients are ordering food from named London restaurants. Sushi from Sumosan or Nobo is popular, while food from Moti Mahal and a variety of other Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern establishments is regularly requested. “We have a client who has provided us with an Ottolenghi (a renowned Jewish chef) cookery book that they regularly order from,” says Freeman.

Catering requests for Russian flights increased in 2012, with these customers spending, on average, more per head on catering than the other western European or American flights.

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